What are the Tehillim for the sick?


The most commonly recited Psalms for healing include 20, 30, 41, 88, and 103. Each of these chapters carries themes of healing, trust in God, and deliverance from distress.

Psalm 20: Often recited for divine assistance, this chapter reflects a plea for help in times of trouble. It’s believed to invoke God’s protection and support.

Tehillim 20

Psalm 30: Known as a song for the dedication of the House of David, it speaks of moving from mourning to joy, and thus is seen as a powerful chapter for healing.

Psalms 30-a
Psalms 30-b

Psalm 41: This chapter begins with blessings for those who consider the poor and the sick, making it particularly relevant. It also includes a personal appeal for healing.

Psalms 41-a
Psalms 41-b

Psalm 88: A somber prayer for help from the depths of despair, it reflects the intensity of seeking divine intervention in the direst of circumstances.

Psalms 88-a
Psalms 88-b

Psalm 103: This Psalm of David praises God’s mercies and is often recited for healing, emphasizing God’s role as a healer who forgives all iniquities.

Psalms 103-a
Psalms 103-b
Psalms 103-c
Psalms 103-d