Rabbi Sholom Krasner

Rabbi Shlomo Krasner

Rabbi Sholom Krasner received his education at Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, where his rabbeim instilled in him a deep love for the Jewish people and a commitment to serve and support his fellow Jews.

Originally from Baltimore, Rabbi Sholom Krasner has since gained valuable experience in various communities. He served as an Interim Rabbi in both Eugene, Oregon, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he honed his practical skills and engaged with congregants from diverse backgrounds. During these tenures, Rabbi Krasner led a wide array of classes, covering topics such as Jewish Poetry, Hebrew language, weekly Torah portions, and Talmudic studies.

In September 2019, Rabbi Krasner assumed the position of Rav at Congregation Schomre Israel in Poughkeepsie. Drawing upon his varied experiences, he has made significant contributions to both his synagogue and the broader Dutchess County Jewish community.