Rabbi Mordechai Rhine

Mordechai Rhine, Director of TEACH613

Rabbi Mordechai Rhine, a distinguished community leader with an impressive career spanning over two decades, currently serves as the Director of TEACH613. In addition to his role as a community Rabbi, he holds the esteemed position of Menahel of the Geirus Beis Din of the Vaad of Greater Washington. Rabbi Rhine’s expertise extends to the literary world as an accomplished author of “The Magic of Shabbos” and a widely read weekly Parsha article distributed internationally.

He plays a pivotal role as the Magid Shiur for the esteemed Take Ten for Talmud series, actively guiding students through the Daf Yomi cycle. Furthermore, Rabbi Rhine takes on the responsibility of Rosh Chabura for SHAI, The Shulchan Aruch Initiative by TEACH613, demonstrating his commitment to advancing Torah knowledge.

In the field of mediation, Rabbi Rhine has garnered certification and specializes in marriage mediation. His mediation services are accessible both in-person at his base in Baltimore, Maryland, and via virtual consultations throughout the United States on the Zoom platform.

For inquiries or to engage Rabbi Mordechai Rhine’s services, interested parties can reach him through his official websites, www.care-mediation.com and www.teach613.org. Additionally, he can be contacted via email at RMRhine@gmail.com.