Dr. Yael Respler

Dr. Yael Respler is a highly regarded psychotherapist practicing privately in Brooklyn. She is a regular columnist for the Jewish Press, where she contributes to the “Dear Dr. Yael” column.

In addition to her therapeutic work, Dr. Respler has released a widely acclaimed DVD titled “Chutzpah is Muktzah 2.” Furthermore, she has become a sought-after lecturer for Aneinu, and her expertise is now featured on her own segment on Kol Haloshon. To access Dr. Respler’s insightful shiurim on Kol Haloshon, please dial 718-906-6400, followed by 1-5-14.

Dr. Yael Respler’s knowledge and insights have been shared through extensive lectures across the United States, Canada, and Switzerland. Her areas of specialization include stress management, dating issues, marriage counseling, intimate relationships, and parenting conflicts.

Throughout her career, Dr. Respler has conducted over 35 Shalom Bayis Workshops via Teleconference, facilitated 95 parenting workshops, and led several weight loss hypnosis groups.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Yael Respler, please call or text 917-751-4887. If you wish to have your letter published in her column, kindly email deardryael@aol.com.

Aneinu is delighted to welcome Dr. Yael Respler to their esteemed roster of speakers. She will be sharing her expertise with audiences on the first Tuesday of each month.

 To access the shiurim she has given at Aneinu: Dr Yael Respler