Rabbi Shraga Freedman

Influenced by his mentor, Mashgiach Harav Matisyahu Solomon Shlita, Rabbi Shraga Freedman has authored several notable works, including “Living Kiddush Hashem: A Comprehensive Guide to Embracing the Mitzvah and Mission of Kiddush Hashem,” and “A Life Worth Living,” both published by ArtScroll/Mesorah. He has also penned the Hebrew sefer “Mekadshei Shemecha.” Rabbi Freedman is deeply committed to the cause of promoting Kiddush Hashem awareness and has dedicated his life to this mission. In pursuit of this goal, he has developed an extensive curriculum for “Living Kiddush Hashem.”

Rabbi Freedman brings a unique perspective to his work, as he is also a licensed therapist with a wealth of experience in the fields of education and school administration spanning two decades. For further details, please visit www.LivingKiddushHashem.com or get in touch via email at LivingKiddushHashem@gmail.com.