Rabbi Yirmi Garfunkel

Embracing Jewish Heritage

Originally from Southern California, Jeremy Garfunkel’s passions revolved around bodysurfing and sports. He graduated from UCLA, holding a degree in Economics and Psychology. During his tenure as an administrator in the UCLA Department of Athletics, he embarked on a journey to explore his Jewish heritage.

The study of Torah, known as Toras Chayim (Instructions for Living), profoundly impacted Jeremy’s perspective. He became a dedicated participant in Torah classes at Aish L.A. After five years of immersing himself in Torah learning, he furthered his studies at the Aish HaTorah Yeshiva in Yerushalayim for an additional five years, eventually becoming Rabbi Yirmi Garfunkel.

Yirmi, along with his wife Debby, resided in Melbourne, Australia for twenty-four years, where he served as a teacher of Jewish Studies and as a rabbi in two different shuls. Five years ago, they relocated to Tom’s River, NJ, to be closer to their family. Currently, Yirmi works as a TorahMates Coordinator for Oorah and delivers inspirational talks at shuls on Shabbos.

For inquiries, please contact Yirmi at yirmigar@gmail.com.