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Presently, with immense gratitude to Hashem, we witness a remarkable phenomenon as countless women and girls across the world engage in the recitation of Tehillim using these exquisite booklets. Schools, seminaries, buses, dance and exercise classes, private residences, bungalow colonies, camps, and vacation resorts serve as the backdrop for this uplifting practice. From Uruguay to Miami, Des Moines to Vancouver, Glasgow to Lvov, Antwerp to Hong Kong, and throughout Eretz Yisroel, women unite with unwavering unity of purpose, collectively storming the gates of heaven on behalf of Klal Yisroel.


ANEINU is committed to providing support and coordination for Tehillim groups across the globe. We facilitate the organization of women’s, men’s, and young adults groups who gather on a weekly or monthly basis to collectively recite Tehillim in a group setting.

To obtain a set of Tehillim, kindly reach out to us using this link.

Phone Number: 516-239-6083
Cell Number: 917-575-8719
Fax: 516-371-3095

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