Aneinu: International Tehillim Organization

What is Aneinu?

Aneinu, founded by Shaindy Kappel in 1993, emerged as a compassionate response to the widespread illnesses and suffering experienced by members of the Jewish community. Recognizing the profound significance of Sefer Tehillim in times of distress, Aneinu introduced a unique and impactful concept. The idea entails distributing Sefer Tehillim among different groups, comprising men, women, and children, who gather in a unified setting to collectively recite the entire book, b’tzibur. This communal recitation includes heartfelt prayers for the healing of the sick, successful shidduchim (matchmaking), and other requests for personal success.

Throughout the centuries, women, together with the entire Klal Yisroel, have sought solace and strength in Sefer Tehillim, a timeless treasure passed down by King David nearly three thousand years ago. What sets Aneinu Tehillim apart is its unique essence and remarkable effectiveness, derived from the collective abilities and energies of all participants. Seasoned Tehillim reciters join together with individuals who recite the ancient words meticulously, while others may rely on English translations to understand the sacred text.

The Sefer Tehillim is thoughtfully divided into 24 pamphlets, with each person selecting a different pamphlet and silently reciting its contents in the presence of others. There is no pressure to adhere to a predetermined pace, as each person engages in their personal recitation, guided by their own chosen melody and at their own rhythm. Together, within a condensed timeframe, the participants collectively complete the recitation of the entire Sefer Tehillim. The random assignment of booklets adds a profound sense of hashgocho (divine providence), which is sometimes distinctly evident throughout the process.

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