What is Aneinu?
Aneinu was started 24 years ago by Shaindy Kappel who was galvanized into action upon observing the illnesses and suffering of so many Yidden. What does a Yid do in time of trouble? –> turn to Sefer Tehillim. The concept of Aneinu is the following: Sefer Tehillim is divided into 24 booklets and groups of people, women/men/children are asked to form groups to say Tehillim in b’tzibur-in a group setting-in 1 room at 1 time. A me’sheberach for cholim and for shidduchim is included.

Women, together with all of Klal Yisroel, have been reaching for Sefer Tehillim since Dovid HaMelech bequeathed this treasure to us close to three thousand years ago. What is new about an ANEINU Tehillim Chaburah? The uniqueness and power of this new type of group lies in the collective strengths of all the women gathered. Some of the women are veteran Tehillim sayers, others painstakingly recite the ancient words, while still others will use an English translation. The Sefer Tehillim is pre-divided into 24 pamphlets. Each woman takes a different pamphlet and says it silently, but in the presence of all the other women. There is no pressure to keep to a regulated pace because each woman recites her own Tehillim chapters with her own nigun and within her own time frame. Together, in an abbreviated amount of time, they complete the entire Sefer Tehillim simultaneously. Since each woman will select a booklet randomly, the element of “hashgocho” is, at times, quite apparent.

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